Modern Ideas for Keeping a Home

  • Finding joy in keeping your home
  • Recipes to enjoy for days to come
  • Spending quality time with those you love most
  • Organizing and easy design
  • Entertaining with ease
  • Making your home a place where others want to be





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Grace and Thanks

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Good Morning Love Signs

Good Morning Love Signs My husband and I are sometimes quality-time-starved with raising 5 kiddos that are very young. We try to put little sweet nothings around the house to remind each other of our steadfast love for one another. I am going to share one of our secrets with you: Good Morning ... VIEW POST

Winter Bucket List for Women

Winter Bucket List for Women I'm going to be honest, winter is my least favorite season. I live in the Midwest and the winters are long, dark, and so cold! I am always looking for things to do as I am bundled up inside with long stretches of temps below zero. And when it is nice enough to go ... VIEW POST

Face Your Fears

The new year always brings resolutions we hope to make and keep. We promise ourselves that we are going to improve in certain ways. By February, those resolutions often fail and we feel down and discouraged for not being perfect. Sound familiar? I have a different perspective: Face Your ... VIEW POST

Grief through the Holidays

Grief Grief seems to come out strongly around the holidays. All of the traditions, parties, and memories are being made, but it is different when we are grieving. Grief is a loss of someone or something you held dear to your heart. You may be grieving over someone who has recently passed away. ... VIEW POST

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Homemaker

A Tale of Christmas Gifts I wish I had a gift guide of ideas on my husband throughout our marriage. My husband and I have had over 20 years of experience in buying each other gifts for Christmas, Anniversaries, and Birthdays. Some years have been very thoughtful. For example, my husband wrote me ... VIEW POST